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Borislav Valchanov is the founder of the company and the WEEDNESS CBD brand, serving as the Chief Executive Officer. WEEDNESS CBD has been a leader in the medical cannabis sector for over 5 years.  


Let's go back to 2017, when during one of his trips, the founder discovered a small CBD-dedicated shop in a city in Switzerland. Intrigued by curiosity and eager to learn more, he entered the establishment, where he was courteously greeted with an explanation about the properties and beneficial effects of CBD, emphasizing that it doesn't induce psychoactive effects. From that point, the decision was made to delve deeper into understanding this cannabinoid by turning to various sources in the United States, including blogs and informational websites. This was because in Europe, particularly in Spain, where the founder resided at that time, the legality of CBD was still in its early stages of development.

This is how he gradually acquired the necessary knowledge and delved into researching CBD and its benefits at deeper levels. Given the controversial nature of CBD, it sparked interest and questions among friends and acquaintances. For most of them, the word "cannabinoide," derived from "cannabis," was associated with "drug."

This was understandable due to the lack of information and the societal taboo surrounding the plant. As time passed, the brand's concept evolved significantly. The founder connected and collaborated with experts possessing deeper knowledge and experience in the CBD industry. He engaged with informants who had visited places like California, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic—locations where cannabis culture was notably more developed. Our history and mission will be presented in detail next.   

How It All Began?

I was desperate!

The COVID-19 pandemic swept in during March 2020, enveloping the world in a storm of uncertainty and changes. Just a few weeks after the onset of mandatory quarantine, our founder found himself ensnared between personal issues and daily obligations, grappling with introspection and an uncertain perspective regarding the conclusion of this invisible battle. It was during this period that symptoms of escalating anxiety began to manifest within. Nighttime became a battlefield against insomnia. 


Leading an active life was the daily routine for many individuals, including our CEO. The transition from an active lifestyle to being confined within four walls proved to be overwhelmingly drastic. It has been established that such a profound change disrupts one's equilibrium, and their nervous systems tend to plunge into a state of imbalance. In the founder's case, after two weeks of sleepless torment, spent amid nightmares and desperate attempts to quell his anxiety, he made an emergency call.


During the call, after a brief discussion and some exercise advice, the founder received a prescription for sleeping pills. Despite favoring natural approaches to health, desperation led him to opt for this option. However, a few days after starting to take them, there were no changes in his condition. Guided by new advice, he underwent sleep apnea tests, the results of which, nevertheless, turned out to be normal. It became evident that the problem was linked to constant stress and tension.


All of this left him in despair, without glimpsing an end to this intense experience.



One morning, the founder received a call from a friend who knew about his ordeal and his fruitless attempts to cope with it. Surprisingly, his friend recommended CBD oil. While several options had been considered, CBD oil was not among them... 


By chance, the founder had some oil samples at home that had been prepared for testing. He opted for a 10% CBD Oil and applied it that very night. He can't assert that the results were immediate, but his sleep improved. He continued taking it and after a week, experienced significant improvement: his sleep stabilized and the anxiety nearly vanished. The intriguing aspect revealed itself over three years, during which Mr. Valchanov had been working and experimenting with various CBD-based products, possessing full knowledge of their therapeutic properties. Nonetheless, he had never used the products regularly, making the effect he experienced something unique and personal. 


Days later, with noticeable improvement and the ability to regain normal sleep, he began to reflect. It was likely that there were many others facing the same situation he was experiencing. That's when the question arose: How could he help these people discover the power of CBD? 


As a result of these reflections, he decided to establish WEEDNESS CBD. The idea was clear: to develop a brand with quality products that had a genuine impact and to find a way to ensure they reached those in need, who hadn't yet realized the true potential of CBD oils.


And thus begins the story of WEEDNESS CBD!

Who are we today? 

WEEDNESS CBD is an established brand whose products readily reach consumers across numerous European countries. With a passion for development and ongoing enhancement, our specialists tirelessly engage in the creation of new products, utilizing unique molecular formulas. Our range encompasses multiple product lines, each specially formulated with varying proportions of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other vital ingredients, aiming to meet the diverse needs of our customers. At WEEDNESS CBD, we place special emphasis on sports, investing a significant portion of our profits in its support. We firmly believe that sports and CBD are closely linked and mutually supportive, playing a key role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  


At the core of our company lies HONESTY. WEEDNESS CBD is dedicated to providing products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations for quality. These products stem from our desire to offer nothing but the best. Under the strict supervision of experts, our product range is created with the intention to support and aid various aspects of health and well-being. We commit to offering high-quality, fully legal, certified, and THC-free products to ensure the utmost level of safety for our customers.

Our most important value is HONESTY.